mr squiffy

the outside bar

for all occasions.

Mr Squiffy is a 1973 vintage Bedford ice cream van that we’ve lovingly

 converted into a fabulous fully-functioning bar. Being both handsome

and charming, Mr Squiffy provides the booze and a good photo opp.

He’s the perfect backdrop for your pictures and doesn’t mind you

hopping aboard for a couple of snaps. Equipped with coolers, 4 beer

lines, fridges, ice, glasses, licence, white or coloured lighting that can

be coordinated to any look you’re going for, and everything you need

to help your party run seamlessly and with style, Mr Squiffy has it all.

You can even choose your ice cream van music. The traditional ice

cream theme Greensleeves, your favourite band, something you’ve put

together for your guests, or a more modern ice cream melody (Ice Ice

Baby?). The possibilities are endless.


He’s an all-rounder so Mr Squiffy will be the perfect plus-one for all

manner of events: birthday bashes, weddings, festivals, garden parties,

sporting occasions, or any social soiree with a marquee.With our

experience at The Cellar, knowledgeable staff, extensive drink menus,

and innate understanding of what makes a good party, we do all of

the work whilst Mr Squiffy offers you the opportunity to create

something truly unique for your event.

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